February 28, 2020  

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Jean Beaulieu

Email : beaulieu[at]cfl.forestry.ca

Publications : (see complete list)

  1. Guy R. Larocque, Annie DesRochers, Marie Larchevêque, Francine Tremblay, Jean Beaulieu, Alexander Mosseler, J.E. Major, Stéphane Gaussiran, Barb R. Thomas, Derreck Sidders, Pierre Périnet, J. Kort, M. Labrecque, P. Savoie, S. Masse, O.T. Bouman, D. Kamelchuk, Lahcen Benomar, Takamitsu Mamashita, Pierre Gagné, 2013. Research on hybrid poplars and willow species for fast-growing tree plantations: Its importance for growth and yield, silviculture, policy-making and commercial applications For. Chron. 89(1):32-41 DOI:10.5558/tfc2013-009

  2. Marie Larchevêque, Guy R. Larocque, Annie DesRochers, Francine Tremblay, Stéphane Gaussiran, Robert Boutin, Suzanne Brais, Jean Beaulieu, Gaëtan Daoust, Pierre Périnet, 2010. Juvenile productivity of five hybrid poplar clones and 20 genetically improved white and Norway spruces in boreal clay-belt of Quebec, Canada. For. Chron. 86(2):225-233

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