July 6, 2020  

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Jacques Brisson

Email : jacques.brisson[at]umontreal.ca

Supervisor : Bergeron Yves

Publications : (see complete list)

  1. Marilou Beaudet, Christian Messier, David Paré, Jacques Brisson, Yves Bergeron, 1999. Possible mechanisms of sugar maple regeneration failure and replacement by beech in the Boisé-des-Muir old-growth forest, Québec. Ecoscience 6(2):264-271.

  2. Yves Bergeron, Jacques Brisson, 1994. Effect of climatic fluctuations on postfire regeneration of 2 jack pine and red pine populations during the 20th-century Geogr. Phys. Quat. 48(2):145-149.

  3. Yves Bergeron, Jacques Brisson, 1990. Fire regime in red pine stands at the northern limit of the species range. Ecology 71:1352-1364.

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