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Osvaldo Valeria

His research project was undertaken at Waswanipi Cree Model Forest, an area managed by the Aboriginal community using a mosaic method over the last 10 years. Mr. Valeria estimated the cost of this type of management practice while considering other uses of the forest. He developed a spatial platform tool that enables forest managers to take into account concerns of trappers and community members, in particular Waswanipi Crees. Mr. Valeria joined UQAT in June 2003 as a research professor specialized in development of forest management tools using geomatics and remote sensing. His PhD experience will contribute to improving knowledge on evaluating and integrating non-timber resources into forest management planning. His interests lie in the development of models that will integrate Aboriginal knowledge into management practices in Québec.


His research interests include development and design of spatial platform decision support systems in forest management. These will integrate forest operations, system analysis, economic and financial analysis and modeling. Forest certification (master’s thesis) is also among his interests.

Research orientations

  • Spatial modeling of timber harvest, evaluation of supply costs, and evaluation of advantages and disadvantages for other forest users.
  • Forest operations planning and development of decision support systems.
  • Optimization of harvest and transportation systems.
  • Certification of forest practices.

Recent presentations and publications

  • Valeria, O., L. LeBel & K. Lowell 2003. A SDSS to compare a wide range of harvesting scenarios on the basis of wood procurement cost, wildlife habitat and land use indicators 2nd Forest Engineering conference May 13-15 2003, Vaxjo Sweden. Proceedings. Decision support system/tools raw material utilization organization/HRM. 32-39 pp.
  • Valeria, O. & L., Bélanger 2003. A hierarchical approach to construct local indicators for sustainable forest management in Canada. Can. J. For. Res., Soumission prévue pour septembre 2003.
  • Valeria, O., L. LeBel & K. Lowell 2002. A spatio-economic decision support tool for variable patch size cuts (VPSC) in the boreal forest. Symposium on models and systems in forestry. Sponsored by the International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS). Co-sponsored by the IUFRO unit 5.13-Industrial Logistics (in Forest Research). Mars 4- 7 2002. Punta de Tralca, Chile.
  • Valeria, O., L. LeBel & K. Lowell 2002. A decision support tool to evaluate wood procurement cost for a wide range of harvesting scenarios. Symposium Emulating Natural Forest Disturbances: Concepts and Applications. A symposium sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, IUFRO, and the Canadian Society of Landscape Ecology and Management. May 13-14, 2002. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada.
  • Nadeau, F. & O., Valeria et L. LeBel 2002. Détermination du coût combine route- débardage dans une stratégie de coupes dispersées. L’Aubelle 140: 15-17.
  • Valeria, O., L. LeBel & K. Lowell 2001. A spatial decision support tool for variable patch size forest management (VPSFM). The 43rd annual conference of the canadian operational research society (CORS) jointly with optimization days. May 9-12, 2001 Quebec city (Canada).
  • Valeria, O. & L., Bélanger 2001. Démarche d’élaboration d’indicateurs locaux d’aménagement forestier durable : le cas de la Forêt Montmorency. Le naturaliste canadien. La société Provancher d’histoire naturelle du Canada. 125(1) :39-51.
  • Valeria, O. & L. Bélanger 2000. L’élaboration d’indicateurs locaux d’aménagement forestier durable, proposition d’une démarche. 68e congrès de l’ACFAS. Université de Montréal, 15-19 mai.
  • Valeria, O. & L. Bélanger 1999. Démarche d’élaboration d’indicateurs locaux d’aménagement forestier durable cas de la Forêt Montmorency, Forum Forêt Faune, novembre 1999, Jonquière.
  • Valeria, O. 1999. Proposition d’une démarche d’élaboration d’indicateurs locaux d’aménagement forestier durable : cas de la Forêt Montmorency. Mémoire de maîtrise, Université Laval, 348 p.
  • Valeria, O. 1997. Présentation au colloque: Vers la certification environnementale de la Forêt Montmorency, colloque du Réseau des Centres d’excellence, Université Laval, 23-26 octobre 1997, Patrimoine social et foresterie sociale, Forêt Montmorency, Québec.
  • Espinosa, M., J., Garcia, & O., Valeria 1994. Effect of different thinning on the growth of radiata pine stand. Bosque 15(1):55 - 65, 1994.
  • Valeria, O. 1992. Présentation au colloque : "1er colloque sur les logiciels forestiers à l’utilisation de l’enseignement", Université du Chili, Faculté d’agriculture et sciences forestières. Santiago, mai 1992, Chili.
  • Valeria, O. 1991. Présentation au colloque : évaluation du volume et qualité pour la production de pâte à partir de cimes de Pinus radiata D. Don, Association technique de la pâte et papier (ATCP), 4ième édition de rencontre technique de la pâte et papier, Concepción, Chili.
  • Sepulveda, A. & O., Valeria 1989. Economic analysis alternatives in equipment replacement, Technical note, Agrociencia.

Email : osvaldo.valeria[at]

Publications : (see complete list)

  1. Dhital Nayaran, Frédérick Raulier, Hugo Asselin, Louis Imbeau, Osvaldo Valeria, Nicolas Bergeron, 2013. Emulating boreal forest disturbance dynamics: Can we maintain timber supply, aboriginal land use, and woodland caribou habitat? For. Chron. 89(1):54-65 DOI:10.5558/tfc2013-011

  2. Osvaldo Valeria, Ahmed Laamrani, André Beaudoin, 2012. Monitoring the state of a large boreal forest region in eastern Canada through the use of multitemporal classified satellite imagery Can. J. Remote Sensing 38(1):91-108 DOI:10.5589/m12-014

  3. Évan Hovington, Louis Imbeau, Osvaldo Valeria, 2010. Woodland caribou habitat connectivity under different ecosystem-based management scenarios. SFM Network. Research Note Series No. 67. 6 p.

  4. Évan Hovington, Louis Imbeau, Osvaldo Valeria, 2010. Évaluation de la connectivité de l'habitat du caribou forestier selon différents scénarios d’aménagement écosystémique. Réseau GDF. Série de Note de Recherche No. 67. 6 p.

  5. Charles Latrémouille, Osvaldo Valeria, Brian Harvey, 2007. Impacts of forest ecosystem management in the boreal forest: Example of the Lake Duparquet Research and Teaching Forest. Complex stand structures and associated dynamics: Measurement indices and modelling approaches. Popular summaries No. 167. 117 p.

Post-doctoral fellow
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