August 12, 2020  

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Michel St-Germain

Email : stgermainm[at]

Supervisor : Drapeau Pierre

Publications : (see complete list)

  1. Antoine Nappi, Pierre Drapeau, Michel St-Germain, Virginie-Arielle Angers, 2010. Effect of fire severity on long-term occupancy of burned boreal conifer forests by saproxylic insects and wood-foraging birds. International Journal of Wildland Fire 19(4):500–511 DOI:10.1071/WF08109

  2. Michel St-Germain, David Greene, 2009. Salvage logging in the boreal and cordilleran forests of Canada: Integrating industrial and ecological concerns in management plans. For. Chron. (1):120-134

  3. Michel St-Germain, Pierre Drapeau, C.M. Buddle, 2009. Landing Patterns of Phloem- and Wood-feeding Coleoptera on Black Spruce of Different Physiological and Decay States. Environ. Entomol. 38(3):797-802

  4. Pierre Drapeau, Antoine Nappi, Louis Imbeau, Michel St-Germain, 2009. Standing deadwood for keystone bird species in the eastern boreal forest: Managing for snag dynamics. For. Chron. 85(2):227-234

  5. Annie Webb, C.M. Buddle, Pierre Drapeau, Michel St-Germain, 2008. Use of remnant boreal forest habitats by saproxylic beetle assemblages in even-aged managed landscapes. Biological Conservation 141(3): 815-826 DOI:10.1016/j.biocon.2008.01.004

Graduated M.Sc.
(d) = Supervisor; (c) = Co-supervisor

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