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Marie-Josée Fortin

Courriel : mariejosee.fortin[at]utoronto.ca

Publications : (voir la liste complète)

  1. Louis-Étienne Robert, Brian Sturtevant, Barry J. Cook, Patrick James, Marie-Josée Fortin, Philip A. Townsend, Peter, T. Wolter, Daniel Kneeshaw, 2018. Landscape host abundance and configuration regulate periodic outbreak behavior in spruce budworm Choristoneura fumiferana. Ecography 41(9):1556-1571 DOI:10.1111/ecog.03553

  2. Christelle Hely-Alleaume, Marie-Josée Fortin, Kerry R. Anderson, Yves Bergeron, 2010. Landscape composition influences local pattern of fire size in the eastern Canadian boreal forest: role of weather and landscape mosaic on fire size distribution in mixedwood boreal forest using the Prescribed Fire Analysis System. International Journal of Wildland Fire 19(8):1099-1109 DOI:10.1071/WF09112

  3. Pascal Côté, Rebecca Tittler, Christian Messier, Daniel Kneeshaw, Andrew Fall, Marie-Josée Fortin, 2010. Comparing different forest zoning options for landscape-scale management of the boreal forest: Possible benefits of the TRIAD . For. Ecol. Manage.  DOI:10.1016/j.foreco.2009.10.038

  4. Hugo Asselin, Serge Payette, Marie-Josée Fortin, Sheila Vallée, 2003. The northern limit of Pinus banksiana Lamb. in Canada: explaining the difference between the eastern and western distributions. J. of Biogeography 30:1709-1718 DOI:10.1046/j.1365-2699.2003.00935.x

  5. David F. Greene, Christian Messier, Hugo Asselin, Marie-Josée Fortin, 2002. The effect of light availability and basal area on cone production in Abies balsamea and Picea glauca. Can. J. Bot. 80(4):370-377. DOI:10.1139/b02-020


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