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20 nov. 2018
à 9h30

soutenance thèse:
Emeline Chaste

21 nov. 2018
à 12h15

Axe écologie:
Isabelle Lavoie

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Hubert Morin

Courriel : hubert_morin[at]uqac.ca

Publications : (voir la liste complète)

  1. Lionel Navarro, Anne-Élizabeth Harvey, Adam Ali, Yves Bergeron, Hubert Morin, 2018. A Holocene landscape dynamic multiproxy reconstruction: How do interactions between fire and insect outbreaks shape an ecosystem over long time scales? PlosOne 13(10):e0204316 DOI:10.1371/journal.pone.0204316

  2. Maxence Martin, Nicole J. Fenton, Hubert Morin, 2018. Structural diversity and dynamics of boreal old-growth forests case study in Eastern Canada. For. Ecol. Manage. 422:125-136 DOI:10.1016/j.foreco.2018.04.007

  3. Annie Claude Bélisle, Alain Leduc, Sylvie Gauthier, Mélanie Desrochers, Nicolas Mansuy, Hubert Morin, Yves Bergeron, 2016. Detecting Local Drivers of Fire Cycle Heterogeneity in Boreal Forests: A Scale Issue. Forests 7(7):139 DOI:10.3390/f7070139

  4. Deepa Pureswaran, Louis De Grandpré, David Paré, Anthony Taylor, Hubert Morin, Martin Barrette, Jacques Régnière, Daniel Kneeshaw, 2015. Climate-induced changes in host tree-insect phenology may drive ecological state-shift in boreal forest. Ecology 96(6):1480-1491 DOI:10.1890/13-2366.1

  5. Annie Claude Bélisle, Sylvie Gauthier, Dominic Cyr, Yves Bergeron, Hubert Morin, 2012. Fire Regime and Old-Growth Boreal Forests in Central Quebec, Canada: An Ecosystem Management Perspective Silva Fennica 45(5):889-908


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