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Nelson Thiffault

Courriel : nelson.thiffault[at]mrn.gouv.qc.ca

Publications : (voir la liste complète)

  1. Tadeusz Bartek Splawinski, Igor Drobyshev, Sylvie Gauthier, Yves Bergeron, David F. Greene, Nelson Thiffault, 2017. Precommercial Thinning of Picea mariana and Pinus banksiana: Impact of Treatment Timing and Competitors on Growth Response. Forest Science 63(1):62-70 DOI:10.5849/forsci.15-178

  2. Morgane Urli, Nelson Thiffault, Martin Barrette, Louis Bélanger, Alain Leduc, Daniel Chalifour, 2017. Key ecosystem attributes and productivity of boreal stands 20 years after the onset of silviculture scenarios of increasing intensity. For. Ecol. Manage. 389:404-416 DOI:10.1016/j.foreco.2017.01.007

  3. Amélie Trottier-Picard, Évelyne Thiffault, Nelson Thiffault, Annie DesRochers, David Paré, Christian Messier, 2016. Complex impacts of logging residues on planted hybrid poplar seedlings in boreal ecosystems New Forests 47(6):877-895 DOI:10.1007/s11056-016-9550-8

  4. Benoît Lafleur, Sébastien Renard, Cécile Leroy, Nicole J. Fenton, Martin Simard, Sylvie Gauthier, David Paré, Alain Leduc, Nelson Thiffault, Yves Bergeron, 2016. Silviculture to sustain productivity in black spruce paludified forests. For. Ecol. Manage. 375:172-181 DOI:10.1016/j.foreco.2016.05.037

  5. Cécile Leroy, Alain Leduc, Nelson Thiffault, Yves Bergeron, 2016. Forest productivity after careful logging and fire in black spruce stands of the Canadian Clay Belt. Can. J. For. Res. 46(6):783-793 DOI:10.1139/cjfr-2015-0484


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