Le 10 Juillet 2020  

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Emmanuel Amoah Boakye

Mr. Emmanuel Amoah Boakye is from Ghana located in West Africa. He has interests in understanding the sensitivity of forests productivity to climatic influences. In particular, how conservation of plant biodiversity can enhance resilience of forest ecosystems to climate change. Mr. Boakye is optimistic the research experience he is having in UQAT will enhance his skills in climate system research.

Courriel : emmanuelamoah.boakye[at]uqat.ca

Titre du projet : Effect of species mixing on long-term trends in forest productivity

Directeur : Igor Drobyshev

Co-Directeur : Yves Bergeron, Daniel Houle

Formation académique:

  • MSc Geo-information Science and Earth Observation – University of Twente, the Netherlands

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