Le 27 Février 2020  

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28 févr. 2020
à 9h00

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Mohammed Henneb

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Carlos Cerrejon Lozano

I am student of environmental sciences, so I am here to improve my knowledge about that as much as possible. I have been working with bryophytes the last years. I love the field and the landscapes.

Courriel : carlos.cerrejonlozano[at]uqat.ca

Titre du projet : Remote sensing of bryophytes in remote boreal forests: development of a tool for landscape planning.

Directeur : Nicole J. Fenton

Co-Directeur : Osvaldo Valeria

Formation académique:

  • BSc degree in Environmental Sciences – Sevilla (Spain)
  • MSc degree in Biodiversity and Biology of Conservation – Sevilla (Spain)

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