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J.R. Spence

Publications : (voir la liste complète)

  1. David Hoekman, Katherine LeVan, George E. Ball, Robert A. Browne, Robert L. Davidson, Terry L. Erwin, C. Barry Knisley, James R. Labonte, Jonathan Lundgren, David R. Maddison, Wendy Moore, Jari Niemelä, Karen A. Ober, David L. Pearson, J.R. Spence, Kipling Will, Timothy Work, 2017. Design for ground beetle abundance and diversity sampling within the National Ecological Observatory Network. Ecosphere 8(4), art. no. 01744 DOI:10.1002/ecs2.1744

  2. Timothy Work, D.P. Shorthouse, J.R. Spence, W.J.A. Volney, David Langor, 2004. Stand composition and structure of the boreal mixedwood and epigaeic arthropods of the Ecosystem Management Emulating Natural Disturbance (EMEND) landbase in northwestern Alberta. Can. J. For. Res. 34(2):417-430.

  3. Timothy Work, J.R. Spence, W.J.A. Volney, L.E. Morgantini, J.L. Innes, 2003. Integrating biodiversity and forestry practices in western Canada. For. Chron. 79(5):906-916.

  4. Timothy Work, C.M. Buddle, L.M. Korinus, J.R. Spence, 2002. Pitfall trap size and capture of three taxa of litter-dwelling arthropods: Implications for biodiversity studies. Environmental Entomology 31(3):438-448.


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