Le 10 Août 2020  

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Xia-Ming Wang

Publications : (voir la liste complète)

  1. Xia-Ming Wang, E. Stenstrom, J. Boberg, Clémentine Ols, Igor Drobyshev, 2017. Outbreaks of Gremmeniella abietina cause considerable decline in stem growth of surviving Scots pine trees. Dendrochronologia 44:39-47

  2. Yun Zhang, Yves Bergeron, Lushuang Gao, Xiu-hai Zhao, Xia-Ming Wang, Igor Drobyshev, 2014. Tree growth and regeneration dynamics at a mountain ecotone on Changbai Mountain, northeastern China: Which factors control species distributions? Ecoscience 21(3-4):387-404 DOI:10.2980/21-(3-4)-3702


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