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Endre Toth

I’m a population geneticist focusing on issues surrounding phylogeography, biogeography and adaptive capacity of natural deciduous and coniferous tree populations.

I employ various tools of bioinformatics in addition to molecular genetics and biotechnology to identify evolutionary processes and their effects on population persistence. My research program often draws upon alpine and boreal forest tree species to illustrate past and present processes.

Currently, at UQAT I deepen my knowledge by evaluating Pinus cembra and Populus tremuloides populations from their distribution range periphery.

Courriel : endregyorgy.toth[at]uqat.ca

Titre du projet : Genetic diversity of forest trees (Diversité génétique des arbres)

Directeur : Yves Bergeron

Co-Directeur : Francine Tremblay

Formation académique:

  • PhD studies in Population genetics/Molecular biology (Agricultural sciences) at SzIU, Hungary
  • BSc and MSc studies in Horticultural engineering at SzIU, Hungary

Publications : (voir la liste complète)

  1. Endre Toth, Francine Tremblay, Johann Housset, Yves Bergeron, Christopher Carcaillet, 2019. Geographic isolation and climatic variability contribute to genetic differentiation in fragmented populations of the long-lived subalpine conifer Pinus cembra L. in the western Alps. BMC Evolutionary Biology 19:190 DOI:10.1186/s12862-019-1510-4

  2. Mathieu Latutrie, Endre Toth, Yves Bergeron, Francine Tremblay, 2019. Novel insights into the genetic diversity and clonal structure of natural trembling aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.) populations: A transcontinental study. J. of Biogeography 46(6):1124-1137 DOI:10.1111/jbi.13574


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