Résumé - CAFD

Forest management guidelines based on natural disturbance dynamics: stand and forest-level considerations / Stratégies d'aménagement forestier qui s'inspirent de la dynamique des perturbations naturelles: considérations à l'échelle du peuplement et de la forêt.

Yves Bergeron, Brian Harvey, Alain Leduc, Sylvie Gauthier.

Although the concept of forest ecosystem management based on natural disturbance has generated a great deal of interest, few concrete examples exist of FEM principles being put into application. Silvicultural practices that emulate natural disturbances are proposed with examples from the principal vegetation zones of Quebec. With the exception of the large-scale use of careful logging to protect advanced regeneration in ecosystems generally controlled by fire, stand-level silvicultural practices currently used are reasonably similar to natural disturbances, although important differences exist. In contrast, at the forest-level, even-aged management as is currently practised rarely permits adequate reproduction of the variety of age classes, stand types, and structural components normally found in the boreal forest. A model that allows an even-aged management approach inspired by natural dynamics is proposed.