Résumé - CAFD

Ecological Resilience: Is It Ready for Operationalisation in Forest Management?

Gerardo Reyes, Daniel Kneeshaw.

Given the physiographic variability, variation in socio-political landscapes, and differences in connectedness of people and communities associated with boreal forest ecosystems, approaches to forest management that are flexible enough to accommodate this variation are needed. Moreover, to ensure sustainable forest resource use, we need to embrace the inherent complexity of boreal forest ecosystems rather than eliminate it, and be prepared to adapt and adjust as environmental conditions change. While ecological resilience may be a useful forest management objective to this end, developing general guidelines to integrate it into practice remains elusive. We address a number of questions often posed by managers when attempting to include ecological resilience into forest management planning. Our goal is to determine if the theoretical foundation of ecological resilience is sufficiently developed to provide a general framework that can be applied for boreal forest management.