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Sylvie Gauthier

Email : sylvie.gauthier2[at]canada.ca

Publications : (see complete list)

  1. Yan Boulanger, Sylvie Gauthier, David R. Gray, Héloïse Le Goff, Patrick Lefort, Jacques Morissette, 2013. Fire regime zonation under current and future climate over eastern Canada Ecological applications  DOI:10.1890/12-0698.1

  2. Frédérick Raulier, Héloïse Le Goff, Sylvie Gauthier, Rija Rapanoela, Yves Bergeron, 2013. Introducing two indicators for fire risk consideration in the management of boreal forests. Ecological Indicator 24:451-461 DOI:10.1016/j.ecolind.2012.07.023

  3. Martin-Philippe Girardin, Adam Ali, Christopher Carcaillet, Sylvie Gauthier, Christelle Hely-Alleaume, Héloïse Le Goff, Aurélie Terrier, Yves Bergeron, 2013. Fire in managed forests of eastern Canada: Risks and options For. Ecol. Manage. 294:238-249 DOI:10.1016/j.foreco.2012.07.005

  4. Annie Claude Bélisle, Sylvie Gauthier, Dominic Cyr, Yves Bergeron, Hubert Morin, 2012. Fire Regime and Old-Growth Boreal Forests in Central Quebec, Canada: An Ecosystem Management Perspective Silva Fennica 45(5):889-908

  5. Dominic Cyr, Sylvie Gauthier, Yves Bergeron, 2012. The influence of landscape-level heterogeneity in fire frequency on canopy composition in the boreal forest of eastern Canada. J. Veg. Sci. 23(1):140-150 DOI:10.1111/j.1654-1103.2011.01338.x

  6. Ekaterina Shorohova, Daniel Kneeshaw, Timo Kuuluvainen, Sylvie Gauthier, 2012. Variability and dynamics of old-growth forests in the circumboreal zone: implications for conservation, restoration and management Silva Fennica 45(5):785-806

  7. Nicolas Mansuy, Sylvie Gauthier, Yves Bergeron, 2012. Afforestation opportunities when stand productivity is driven by a high risk of natural disturbance: a review of the open lichen woodland in the eastern boreal forest of Canada. Mitigation and adaptation strategies for global change 1-20 DOI:10.1007/s11027-012-9362-x

  8. Martin-Philippe Girardin, Xiao Jing Guo, Pierre-Yves Bernier, Frédérick Raulier, Sylvie Gauthier, 2012. Changes in growth of pristine boreal North American forests from 1950 to 2005 driven by landscape demographics and species traits Biogeosciences 9:2523-2536 DOI:10.5194/bg-9-2523-2012

  9. Nicolas Mansuy, Sylvie Gauthier, André Robitaille, Yves Bergeron, 2012. Regional patterns of postfire canopy recovery in the northern boreal forest of Quebec: interactions between surficial deposit, climate, and fire cycle Can. J. For. Res. 42(7):1328-1343 DOI:10.1139/x2012-101

Post-doctoral fellow
(d) = Supervisor; (c) = Co-supervisor

◊ Tadeusz Bartek Splawinski (c)

(d) = Supervisor; (c) = Co-supervisor

◊ Mathilde Pau (d)

Graduated Ph.D.
(d) = Supervisor; (c) = Co-supervisor

◊ Jeanne Portier (d) 2018

◊ Tadeusz Bartek Splawinski (d) 2015

◊ Pierre Grondin (d) 2014

◊ Amar Madoui (d) 2014

◊ Dominic Cyr (d) 2010

◊ Rija Rapanoela (c) 2017

◊ Nicolas Mansuy (c) 2013

Graduated M.Sc.
(d) = Supervisor; (c) = Co-supervisor

◊ Stelsa Fortin (d) 2019

◊ Annie Claude Bélisle (d) 2013

◊ Mathieu Paquette (d) 2011

◊ Sébastien Renard (d) 2010

◊ Dominic Cyr (d) 2001

◊ Alexis Schab (c) 2020

◊ Marie-André Vaillancourt (c) 2007

◊ Lidia Capece (c) 2003

◊ Anh thu Pham (c) 2003

◊ Caroline Plaisance (c) 2003

◊ Daniel Lesieur (c) 2000

◊ Patrick Lefort (c) 1998

◊ Victor Kafka (c) 1997

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