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Michelle Garneau

Courriel : garneau.michelle[at]uqam.ca

Publications : (voir la liste complète)

  1. Gabriel Magnan, Michelle Garneau, Eloïse LeStum-Boivin, Pierre Grondin, Yves Bergeron, 2020. Long-Term Carbon Sequestration in Boreal Forested Peatlands in Eastern Canada Ecosystems  DOI:10.1007/s10021-020-00483-x

  2. Eloïse LeStum-Boivin, Gabriel Magnan, Michelle Garneau, Nicole J. Fenton, Pierre Grondin, Yves Bergeron, 2019. Spatiotemporal evolution of paludification associated with autogenic and allogenic factors in the black spruce–moss boreal forest of Québec, Canada. Quaternary Research 91(2):650-664 DOI:10.1017/qua.2018.101

  3. Claudie Giguère-Croteau, Étienne Boucher, Yves Bergeron, Martin-Philippe Girardin, Igor Drobyshev, Lucas R.C. Silva, Jean-François Hélie, Michelle Garneau, 2019. North America’s oldest boreal trees are more efficient water users due to increased [CO2], but do not grow faster. PNAS 116(7):2749-2754 DOI:10.1073/pnas.1816686116

  4. Gabriel Magnan, Eloïse LeStum-Boivin, Michelle Garneau, Pierre Grondin, Nicole J. Fenton, Yves Bergeron, 2018. Holocene vegetation dynamics and hydrological variability in forested peatlands of the Clay Belt, eastern Canada, reconstructed using a palaeoecological approach. Boreas  DOI:10.1111/bor.12345

  5. Simon Van bellen, Michelle Garneau, Adam Ali, Yves Bergeron, 2012. Did fires drive Holocene carbon sequestration in boreal ombrotrophic peatlands of eastern Canada? Quaternary Research 78(1):50-59 DOI:10.1016/j.yqres.2012.03.009

(d) = direction; (c) = co-direction

◊ Eloïse LeStum-Boivin (d)

Gradué Doctorat
(d) = direction; (c) = co-direction

◊ Simon Van bellen (d) 2011

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