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Andy Hennebelle

Andy Hennebelle, Julie C. Aleman, Adam Ali, Yves Bergeron, Christopher Carcaillet, Pierre Grondin, Josianne Landry, Olivier Blarquez. The reconstruction of burned area and fire severity using charcoal from boreal lake sediments. 2020. Holocene 30(10):1400-1409 DOI : 10.1177/0959683620932979  

Andy Hennebelle, Pierre Grondin, Julie C. Aleman, Adam Ali, Yves Bergeron, Daniel Borcard, Olivier Blarquez. Using paleoecology to improve reference conditions for ecosystem-based management in western spruce-moss subdomain of Québec. 2018. For. Ecol. Manage. 430:157-165 DOI : 10.1016/j.foreco.2018.08.007  

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