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Tasnim Anjum Mou

Hello, I am Tasnim Anjum Mou, a student researcher and a veterinary doctor from Bangladesh. I love to explore the colorful world of microbes. My diverse research interest largely falls in microbial community including bacteria, toxicology, virology, parasitology, public health and even wildlife conservation. Now, I am waiting to start my new journey at UQAT-Amos.

My master project is based on the atypical cyanobacterial blooms in lakes of Abitibi-Temiscamingue. Cyanotoxin from the cyanobacterial bloom is common problem in summer and in eutrophic lakes, however, recently we observed blooms under Ice during freezing winter or in clear-water lakes of eskers. In my project, we want to explore reasons behind these unusual events from nature.

Understanding the atypical cyanobacterial blooms.

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 Tasnim Anjum Mou Understanding the dynamic of harmful algal blooms in boreal lakes of Abitibi-Temiscamingue
GRE-MIDIS (2022-01-27)