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Marta Gabriele

Je suis une biologiste marine originaire d’Italie. Je m’intéresse à tout ce qui concerne les effets des substances chimiques induites dans les écosystèmes. Je suis ici pour évaluer les méthodes de restauration écologique pour le lac Osisko.

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Looking for innovative solutions to restore biological communities on a degraded freshwater ecosystem: the Osisko Lake

The degradation of the Osisko Lake (Abitibi, Qc) by multiple anthropogenic activities (e.g., mining activities) has led to a significant deterioration of its environmental quality leading to biodiversity loss and detrimental changes in aquatic communities. For example, recent research recorded a high level of iron (20 mg/kg) in the sediments. Innovative solutions are therefore urgently needed to restore this ecosystem to improve the quality of the freshwater habitats and communities. The main goals of our project are (i) assessing the current state of environmental degradation of Osisko Lake in terms of metal exposure levels and bioaccumulation of these contaminants in aquatic organisms through food webs (ii) and evaluating the effect of ecological restoration treatments on this environmental degradation and on the ecological functions of the lake such as species abundance and diversity. The project will have several benefits on environmental health, ecology and economy and will test restoration methods adapted to Canadian freshwater ecosystems that can then be exported to other aquatic ecosystems of the boreal biome.

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 Marta Gabriele The past, present and the potential future of metal-contaminated boreal lakes in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region (Quebec)
GRE-MIDIS (2023-02-23)