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Jacques Tardif

Alexandre Florent Nolin, Jacques Tardif, France Conciatori, Yves Bergeron. Spatial coherency of the spring flood signal among major river basins of eastern boreal Canada inferred from flood rings. 2021. Journal of hydrology 596:126084 DOI : 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2021.126084  

Alexandre Florent Nolin, Jacques Tardif, France Conciatori, Susanne Kames, D.M. Meko, Yves Bergeron. Multi-century tree-ring anatomical evidence reveals increasing frequency and magnitude of spring discharge and floods in eastern boreal Canada. 2021. Global and Planetary Change 103444 DOI : 10.1016/j.gloplacha.2021.103444  

Jian Kang, Shaowei Jiang, Jacques Tardif, Hanxue Liang, Shaokang Zhang, Jingye Li, Biyun Yu, Yves Bergeron, Sergio Rossi, Zhou Wang, Peng Zhou, Jian-Guo Huang. Radial growth responses of two dominant conifers to climate in the Altai Mountains, Central Asia. 2021. Agric. For. Meteorol. 298-299:108297 DOI : 10.1016/j.agrformet.2020.108297  

Justin Waito, Martin-Philippe Girardin, Jacques Tardif, France Conciatori, Yves Bergeron, Adam Ali. Recent fire activity in the boreal eastern interior of North America is below that of the past 2000 yr. 2018. Ecosphere 9(6):e02287 DOI : 10.1002/ecs2.2287  

Susanne Kames, Jacques Tardif, Yves Bergeron. Continuous Earlywood Vessels Chronologies in Floodplain Ring-Porous Species can Improve Dendrohydrological Reconstructions of Spring High Flows and Flood Levels. 2016. Journal of hydrology 534:377-389 DOI : 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2016.01.002  

Jian-Guo Huang, Yves Bergeron, Frank Berninger, Lihong Zhai, Jacques Tardif, Bernhard Denneler. Impact of Future Climate on Radial Growth of Four Major Boreal Tree Species in the Eastern Canadian Boreal Forest. 2013. PlosOne  DOI : 10.1371/journal.pone.0056758  

Jian-Guo Huang, Jacques Tardif, Yves Bergeron, Bernhard Denneler, Frank Berninger, Martin-Philippe Girardin. Radial growth response of four dominant boreal tree species to climate along a latitudinal gradient in the eastern Canadian boreal forest. 2009. Global Change Biology 16(2):711-731 DOI : 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2009.01990.x  

Jian-Guo Huang, Jacques Tardif, Bernhard Denneler, Yves Bergeron, Frank Berninger. Tree-ring evidence extends the historic northern range limit of severe defoliation by insects in the aspen stands of western Quebec, Canada. 2008. Can. J. For. Res. 38(9):2535-2544 DOI : 10.1139/X08-080  

D.K. Heinrichs, Jacques Tardif, Yves Bergeron. Xylem production in six tree species growing on an island in the boreal forest region of western Quebec, Canada. 2007. Can. J. Bot. 85(5):518-525. DOI : 10.1139/B07-041  

Jian-Guo Huang, Yves Bergeron, Bernhard Denneler, Frank Berninger, Jacques Tardif. Response of Forest Trees to Increased Atmospheric CO2. 2007. Critical Reviews in Plant Sciences. 26:265-283. DOI : 10.1080/07352680701626978 

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 Jacques Tardif Comparative analysis of the daily and monthly radial growth of seven boreal tree species in northwestern Québec.
International conference on dendrochronology for the third millenium. Mendoza, Argentina.