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Martin Lavoie

Marion Barbé, Louis Dubois, Jean Faubert, Martin Lavoie, Yves Bergeron, Nicole J. Fenton. Range Extensions of 35 Bryophyte Species in the Black Spruce– Feather Moss Forest of Western Quebec, Canada. 2018. Can. Field Nat. 131(3): 258-269 DOI : 10.22621/cfn.v131i3.1901  

Cécile Remy, Christelle Hely-Alleaume, Olivier Blarquez, Gabriel Magnan, Yves Bergeron, Martin Lavoie, Adam Ali. Different regional climatic drivers of Holocene large wildfires in boreal forests of northeastern America. 2017. Environmental Research Letters 12(3):article 035005   

Cécile Remy, Martin Lavoie, Martin-Philippe Girardin, Christelle Hely-Alleaume, Yves Bergeron, Pierre Grondin, France Oris, Hugo Asselin, Adam Ali. Wildfire size alters long-term vegetation trajectories in boreal forests of eastern North America. 2016. J. of Biogeography 43(12):vv DOI : 10.1111/jbi.12921 

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