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Michael P. Wolcott

Patrice Soulonganga, Martin Claude Ngueho Yemele, Michael P. Wolcott, Tatjana Stevanovic, Alain Cloutier, Ahmed Koubaa. Effects of hot water treatment of raw bark, coupling agent, and lubricants on properties of bark/HDPE composites. 2013. Industrial Crops and Products 42(1):50-56
DOI : 10.1016/j.indcrop.2012.05.012     

Sébastien Migneault, Fouad Erchiqui, Karl Englund, Michael P. Wolcott, Abdelkader Chaala, Ahmed Koubaa. Application of micromechanical models to tensile properties of wood–plastic composites. 2010. Wood Science and Technology 
DOI : 10.1007/s00226-010-0351-5     

Patrice Soulonganga, Martin Claude Ngueho Yemele, Alain Cloutier, Michael P. Wolcott, Ahmed Koubaa. Effect of bark fiber content and size on the mechanical properties of bark/HDPE composites. 2010. Composites Part A 41:131–137
DOI : 10.1016/j.compositesa.2009.06.005   

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