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Bandana Subedi


From the mountains of Nepal to the forest of Canada. I’m Bandana Subedi -the wandering woods lady. Proudly started studying Forestry at UQAT where I have embarked on a mission to turn my ‘tree hugger’ title into a master's degree.  I may be majoring in Forestry but do not be surprised if you see me chasing the butterflies because I am also your friendly neighborhood lepidopterist. Join me on my fluttery adventures as I try to convince these delicate creatures to pose for a close-up. They might not always cooperate, but I'm determined to click my way through the butterfly kingdom.

And guess what? I'm here to add one more title to my collection – the Bryophyte Buff! These tiny, often overlooked plants are the real carpet of the boreal forest, and I'm on a mission to give them their moment in the spotlight. When I’m not decoding the secret of bryophytes, you will find me on the trail, hiking boots on and a backpack full of snacks. I’m really excited to swap my hiking boots for snow boots and dive headfirst into Canada’s winter wonderland this year!

But here’s the twist: while others are hitting the slopes, I’ll be shoveling my research plots all winter to study those fascinating mossy carpets. Join me as I balance the thrill of winter sports with the quiet contemplation of the forest floor, one shovel at a time. Let's branch out together and make this two-year academic journey as wild and wonderful as a forest adventure in UQAT.

Projet de recherche :

Le rôle des bryophytes dans l'atténuation de l'impact du changement climatique, en particulier la perte de la couverture neigeuse, sur la dynamique du carbone souterrain dans les écosystèmes forestiers boréaux

 Bandana Subedi, Nicole J. Fenton, Xavier Cavard. The role of bryophytes in buffering the impacts of climate change-induced loss of snow cover on belowground forest carbon dynamics. 25e colloque de la Chaire AFD. Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Rouyn-Noranda, Québec. (2023-11-28)