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Baburam Rijal

Landscape-scale spatial modeling of the organic layer thickness and soil properties in paludified forests

Baburam Rijal, Frédérick Raulier, David L. Martell, Sylvie Gauthier. The economic impact of fire management on timber production in the boreal forest region of Quebec, Canada. 2018. International Journal of Wildland Fire 27(12):831-844 DOI : 10.1071/WF18041  

Baburam Rijal, Luc Lebel, David L. Martell, Sylvie Gauthier, Jean-Martin Lussier, Frédérick Raulier. Value-added forest management planning: A new perspective on old-growth forest conservation in the fire-prone boreal landscape of Canada. 2018. For. Ecol. Manage.  DOI : 10.1016/j.foreco.2018.06.045  

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