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Anoj Subedi
I am Anoj Subedi, from the country of the Himalayas. Forest, climate change, remote sensing, GIS, wildlife and biodiversity stand as the major field of my research interest, and I have been able to gather a few skills in these fields.

At the beginning of this winter, my graduate journey starts, and I am eagerly waiting to join the UQAT family. Within this course, as a master's project, I will be evaluating budworm and climate interaction on black spruce defoliation.

Formation académique

  • Bachelor of Science in Forestry (Nepal)
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 Anoj Subedi Evaluate climate effects on the growth of black spruce during spruce budworm defoliation
Séminaire maîtrise (2022-04-26)

 Anoj Subedi How does climate affect the growth during spruce budworm outbreaks period? A story after the 1950's
GRE-MIDIS (2022-04-14)

 Anoj Subedi NEPAL (नेपाल): A diversified country from the lap of Himalayas
GRE-MIDIS (2022-02-17)

 Anoj Subedi, Miguel Montoro Girona, Philippe Marchand, Yves Bergeron, Hubert Morin. Comment la tordeuse des bourgeons de l'épinette affecte la croissance des arbres ? une approche dendrochronologique et climatique.
23e colloque de la Chaire AFD. Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue (2021-12-07)

 Anoj Subedi, Miguel Montoro Girona, Philippe Marchand, Hubert Morin, Marie-Josée FortinUnderstanding complex interactions in forest ecosystems : Impact of climate on the defoliation of black spruce by the spruce budworm.
22e colloque de la Chaire AFD. Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, complètement virtuel (2020-12-02)