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Anthony Taylor

Martina Sanchez-Pinillos, Loïc D'Orangeville, Yan Boulanger, Phil Comeau, Jiejie Wang, Anthony Taylor, Daniel Kneeshaw. Sequential droughts: a silent trigger of boreal forest mortality 2022. Global Change Biology 28(2):542-556
DOI : 10.1111/gcb.15913    

Deepa Pureswaran, Louis De Grandpré, Anthony Taylor, Hubert Morin, Martin Barrette, Jacques Régnière, David Paré, Daniel Kneeshaw. Climate-induced changes in host tree-insect phenology may drive ecological state-shift in boreal forest. 2015. Ecology 96(6):1480-1491
DOI : 10.1890/13-2366.1     

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 Anthony Taylor Successional dynamics of the boreal forest in central Canada.
Forest succession workshop. Lake Duparquet Research and Teaching Forest